The 1978 Corvette Model Year

Whether you are drawn to the Limited Edition Pace Car or sport around in a 1978 coup, I have spent much time studying, researching and maintaining 1978 Corvettes. As an NCRS judge and Bloomington Gold Certification judge, I have looked at many concentrating on the chassis and the many original factory marks. Much of that research has also worked to identify and understand the build records as they relate to the late model C3 Corvettes. Take a moment to browse the topics below and to the right. You will discover that many touch on the 1978 model year Corvette.

Re-skinning the Shark

For the 1978 model year, the third-generation Corvette received its most thorough revamp since its debut ten years prior. In a September 15, 1977 press release for the 1978 Corvette, Chevrolet wrote: “The new aerodynamic look is the most extensive change for Corvette in several years. Refinements in comfort, convenience, improved utility and increased operating range add to the appeal of America’s only authentic sports car.” Gone were references to high performance that would have been made during the muscle- car era, replaced with a focus on more practical concerns.

The Yellow Spare Tire Rim of 1978

Unique to the 1978 model year, the yellow spare tire rim was installed from September through March. The 1970s were those years in which there was a Federal push for greater automotive safety, emission control and fuel economy. The new GoodYear Polyspare reduced weight for the Corvette while addressing issues of safety with its "school bus" yellow safety paint. This research tells the story of why it was used and how it changed to black with the rollout of the Pace Car

Matching Numbers

This unpublished article documents a matching numbers NCRS 5-Star Bowtie 1978 Silver Anniversary Corvette (shown above). It illustrates what is meant by matching numbers and than discusses the various aspects of finding and interpreting broadcast codes and date codes. The article describes how to compare and contrast those date codes to determine if in addition to the correct part codes, the dates align as well.