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    Emergency Preparedness for the Healthcare Sector

    Transportation Requirements for Special Needs Populations, DomPrep Journal, Volume 9 Issue 4, April 2013

    Healthcare Sector Interoperability, DomPrep Journal, Volume 8 Issue 8, August 2012

    The Role of Public Private Partnership in Mass Prophylaxis Campaigns, IAEM Bulletin, August 2012

    Mass-Fatality Surge & Family Assistance, DomPrep Journal, Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2012

    Pandemic Vaccine Policy for the Twenty-First Century, Homeland Security Affairs, Volume VIII, February 2012

    All-Hazards COOP for Medical Facilities, Jr SCMA, Volume 107 (3), June 2011

    Pan Flu Ready: A National Call for Action, Naval Postgraduate School, Center for Homeland Defense and Security (submitted for the 2nd annual Essay Competition).

    Leveraging COOP for biological Incidents: Natural, Accidental or Bioterrorism, Jr SCMA, Volume 105, June 2009

    What should EMS agencies do to ready for bird flu, EMS Responder, October 2006

    Where Does Pan Flu Emergency Response Plug Into My EOC?, IAEM Bulletin, May 2006

    Getting your EOC Ready for pandemic flu, Homeland Protection Professional, March 2006

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    The 1978-79 Muncie Four-Speed: What Makes your M20 Work?, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, (pending)

    Late Model C3 Job Numbers: The Link Between Build Sheet & Body Panel, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, (pending)

    Late Model C3 Build Sheets: Authenticating Corvette Options, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, Fall 2012

    Rebirth of a Classic: The Good Year P255/60R15, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, September 2010

    1975-82 Tach Boards, Corvette Enthusiast, March 2010

    Pace Car Decals: Production & Assembly, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, Fall 2009

    Tired of Key Twisting: Power Up Those 30-Year Old Door Locks, Corvette Enthusiast, April 2009

    The Four-Speeds of 1978, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, January 2009

    Tire Manufacturing: Original Tires, Different Date Codes The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, Summer 2008

    Indy Corvette's 30th Anniversary: But what's happened to Pace Car values?, Corvette Enthusiast, June 2008

    Leading the Pack: 2008 Indy Replica, Corvette Magazine, April 2008

    Corvette Tire Safety, Corvette Enthusiast, November 2007

    Where the rubber meets the road: 1978-82 Corvette Tire Production, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, Winter 2008

    The Yellow Spare Tire Rim of 1978 The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, Winter 2007

    Restore Your C3 Fuel Tank Sending Unit, Corvette Enthusiast, October 2006

    Buildsheets and the Late Model C3, Corvette Action Center

    Buildsheets and the Late Model C3, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, Winter 2006 (pdf format)

    Building a Collectible: The Specially Ordered Millennium Yellow 2000, Corvette Fever, July 2002

    Locked Out and Can't Get In? How to bypass a seized C3 lock mechanism, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, 27:4 Spring 2001

    1976 - 1978 Corvette Jack Date Codes, The Corvette Restorer, NCRS, 24:2, Fall 1997

    1978-79 Corvette Technical Information Manual & Judging Guide, NCRS, Team Member, 1996

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    Unpublished Stories

    To be the writer, do the marketing and be the agent...well enjoy the story.

    Fantasy Trail & 990: Hiking the Peak of Park City, Utah, August 2005

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