Daily Joys

What's in Bloom?

Family and friends marvel at the "what's in bloom" whether their visit is summer, spring, winter or fall. This time of year (winter) we are mulching fallen leaves and using the mulch in the beds. Mulch along with our compost enriches the soil (formerly a sand dune) and now features compost rich soil.

Rides Today & Yesterday

The thrill of Corvette rides are seeded in my youth where male camaraderie was represented by hot cars, high-torque, instant speed and drag racing. Our weekend decision was which ride do we take to Skip's that night! Our choices included 57 Chevy's, big block pumpkin Camaros, Corvettes, Model T roadsters with a rumble seat, Chevelles and of course small but bad Chevy IIs.

Canine Companions

What's a guys world to be without canine companionship. We've run long stretches, frolicked on the beach and just hung out.

Other Backyard Buddies

Frequent visitors to my backyard from birds, to possums to Laguna's.